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A Metta for the Healing of the United States of America

I’m not a politically-oriented person. I try to avoid politics as much as I can. But I’m fired up when it comes to health care debate. However, this whole health care reform debacle is frustrating the hell out of me. Republicans have no interest in reforming health care, except to block any progress towards universal […]

A Prayer for Universal Health Care

(Screenshot from the FRONTLINE documentary, Sick Around The World. Every American ought to watch this program to raise their awareness on universal health care.) When I saw SiCKO it appealed to my emotion. It was a very effective propaganda. Its aim was noble and I generally sympathized with its message. But it was biased. It […]

SiCKO: Deleted Scenes from Utopia

I’m still high from watching SiCKO. I’m flabbergasted why the U.S. can’t pull its act together when it comes to universal health care as a basic right of its citizens. Moral hazard my ass. The deadly dance of politicians, big business, media, and uninformed citizens continue to perpetrate the mess of the American health care […]