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Integral Life: My First Impressions

Integral Life (beta) just launched today. This has been in the works for some time now, so I’m glad to see that it’s already up and running, with a groovy tag line: “Free to be Fully Human.” I quickly created an account to experience the look and feel of the site. Below are my first […]

Review: The Black Swan

“Imagine a speck of dust next to planet a billion times the size of the earth. The speck of dust represents the odds in favor of your being born; the huge planet would be the odds against it. So stop sweating the small stuff. Don’t be like an ingrate who got a castle as a […]

Review: The Hot Topic

As promised, here is my review of The Hot Topic. My apologies for the delay. I had to read the book twice to make sure that I digest its essence. But first, allow me to share my personal context on the global warming issue. I have never read any non-fiction book on global warming prior […]

Review: The God Delusion: Memes, Moral Zeitgeist, and Spiral Dynamics

I’ve just completed my second pass on The Gospel of Dawkins (a.k.a. The God Delusion). I owe you, my readers, a long overdue review of this book as part of my Creepy Library: New Atheists series. One of the reasons it has taken me longer to post my review is that I want to treat […]

Review: The End of Faith

“How can we encourage other human beings to extend their moral sympathies beyond a narrow locus? How can we learn to become mere human beings, shorn of any more compelling national, ethnic, or religious identity? We can be reasonable. It is in the very nature of reason to fuse cognitive and moral horizons. Reason is […]