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New Atheists = New Anti-Dogmatists

This was so evident from the very start the “New Atheists” had been coined. But this article from Benjamin O’Donnell still puts it very succinctly. “What is strange is that, when one actually reads them, one gets the feeling that the real target of the “new atheists” isn’t religion at all. “Indeed, they all explicitly […]

Buddhism is Not All That!

(Image borrowed from the American Buddhist Center Web Log) I was surfing the web this afternoon when I serendipitously found this old article by John Horgan, Why I Ditched Buddhism. Below are some relevant quotes and my corresponding commentaries. “Four years ago, I joined a Buddhist meditation class and began talking to (and reading books […]

Why Sam Harris is My Kind of New Atheist

It’s no secret to readers of this blog that Sam Harris is my personal favorite among the New Atheists. I like them all, btw. Their books are part of my Creep Library collection. I admit that the tone and polemics used by Harris in his book, The End of Faith, could be a little harsh […]

Review: The God Delusion: Memes, Moral Zeitgeist, and Spiral Dynamics

I’ve just completed my second pass on The Gospel of Dawkins (a.k.a. The God Delusion). I owe you, my readers, a long overdue review of this book as part of my Creepy Library: New Atheists series. One of the reasons it has taken me longer to post my review is that I want to treat […]

Red ~C Diary: So, Am I an Atheist?

With all my postings about religion, politics, atheism, and the New Atheists, I think it’s time that I reflect on where I stand within the psycho-socio-spiritual spectrum. As I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, I grew up Roman Catholic by virtue of my parents’ religion (they are lukewarm Catholics, btw) and the norm of […]