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The Rise of Immigrants in a Post-American World

Obama and McCain are now pitching their immigration policies to Hispanics. It’s good to see that Obama and McCain are now butting heads on real issues instead of pandering and responding to America’s brain-dead politics, such as who is more patriotic or whatever. The issue of immigration is key not only in this election but […]

Fareed Zakaria GPS Is Very Interesting

I’m in the middle of reading Fareed Zakaria’s latest book, The Post-American World. Obama is reading the book too. My attention is focused not only on the excitement of national U.S. politics but equally with the current state of geopolitics. Zakaria is an excellent tour guide when it comes to geopolitics and foreign issues. So […]

The Second World Matters in a Post-American World

I’ve been watching a lot of Charlie Rose conversations lately. Last night Parag Khanna was on the program discussing his views in his book, The Second World – Empires & Influence in the New Global Order. Very informative and insightful discussions on geopolitics and global economics. Check it. In general, Khanna’s view is a complement […]

The Post-American World

Yesterday I went to Barnes & Noble to check out the book, The Post-American World. I got interested with this book after watching Fareed Zakaria on Charlie Rose. But since the book is still in hardcover it’s a bit pricey ($25 bucks in store). So I opted to just order it from Amazon, saving me […]

Fareed Zakaria On The Daily Show

Saw this fun and informative interview with Fareed Zakaria on The Daily Show last night. But for a more serious and intellectual conversation, check out Fareed Zakaria’s interview with Charlie Rose. I’m a sucker for brilliant minds with a global perspective on economics, capitalism and geopolitics. So I’m going to buy his book, The Post-American […]