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The New Atheists are People Too

“It is well known that in the struggle of the weak against the strong, it is easier to attack the former. Those who resist will always be accused by the cowardly of exciting the hatred of the powerful.” — Pascal Bruckner’s essay in defense of Ayaan Hirsi Ali So I just finished watching the two-hour […]

The New Atheists and Integral Camp Should Talk

Paul Salamone (a buddy of mine and the dude behind the hip blog Foreignerd) posted an insightful comment in response to my blog post, The Portable Atheist: A Great Holiday Gift. Below is my response. My response went longer than I originally anticipated so I decided to make a separate blog post. Integral geeks, as […]

D’Souza vs. Dennett: The Aftermath

I just finished watching the 15-part video of the D’Souza vs. Dennett debate held at Tufts University. All in all it was a good and entertaining debate. Nothing new with the arguments. But I still recommend watching it from beginning to end. Now here’s my take… Before watching the debate my bias was with Dennett. […]

What the Critics of the New Atheists Don’t See

Recently, Theodore Dalrymple wrote an eloquoent critique of the New Atheists, What the New Atheists Don’t See. The main argument: “The curious thing about these books is that the authors often appear to think that they are saying something new and brave. They imagine themselves to be like the intrepid explorer Sir Richard Burton, who […]

Review: The End of Faith

“How can we encourage other human beings to extend their moral sympathies beyond a narrow locus? How can we learn to become mere human beings, shorn of any more compelling national, ethnic, or religious identity? We can be reasonable. It is in the very nature of reason to fuse cognitive and moral horizons. Reason is […]