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Response to Brad Warner’s Annoyed Reaction to Ken Wilber’s Brain Waves

As I’ve obviously stated in the title of the this blog post, this is a response to Brad Warner’s article published on Suicide Girls blog. In that article he compared Ken Wilber stopping-his-brain-waves video to the art of street juggling. Since I’m the unnamed “Facebook friend” and “commenter” Brad referred to who posted the video […]

Open Practice: Why Ken Wilber is So Awesome (I Think)

It’s been a while since I’ve written about integral stuff on this blog. I guess it’s high time that I break this pattern. And this is a perfect serendipitous timing… Integral Life just published an audio of Ken Wilber tracing back his developmental stages and making a matter-of-fact self-assessment of his shadows and current stage […]

Frank Visser on Ken Wilber (a video interview)

I just finished watching this video interview with Frank Visser. Visser talks about his passion for and criticism of integral theory, particularly Wilber’s attitude towards his critics. Remember the Wyatt Earpy moments? Check it out. Thanks to Integral Praxis for the heads up. Now, I don’t know what other factors are involved with Visser-Wilber rift […]

Ken Wilber Riffs On the Singularity

Here’s a video of Ken Wilber talking about the Singularity. In this video Wilber talks about different levels of consciousness and how each level would interpret the Singularity differently. But the first step, of course, is get to know what the Singularity is. Ray Kurzweil laid out his vision in the book, The Singularity is […]

Ken Wilber is a Transhumanist Borg

Before I encountered Integral philosophy, I was first a transhumanist. I think it does that to you if you’ve watched too much sci-fi movies growing up. One thing that got me hooked on integral thinking is that it had room for transhumanism and spirituality. I like that. Although most integral literature (specifically by Ken Wilber) […]