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  Hello, Everyone! I’m back from my long blog hiatus. During my long break from this blog I did some deep thinking on how to continue with my social media presence. I seriously considered quitting altogether but upon careful reflection I’ve decided to carry on with my online presence. Over the years I’ve connected with […]

2,742 posts = Six Years in the Rabbit Hole

Six years already? Yes, I’ve been blogging my heart out for six years now. Seems like a lifetime in cyberspace. Last year I had 2,703 posts, so I only added 39 posts this year. That’s an average of 3.25 posts, per month! In previous years that was my average, per day! So I definitely slowed […]

Just Upgraded to WordPress 2.7

love the new admin dashboard. posting this via QuickPress. glad i made the switch. thanks to all the people who worked on WP Coltrane. keep kicking butt. here’s to more (hyper)streaming!

2,703 posts = Five Years in the Rabbit Hole

Five years. That’s a lifetime in internet years. Time flies when you’re blogging you’re heart out. Change is my theme for this year: got married to ~myDakini, switched to WordPress, changed jobs, became more political. I also shifted away from traditional blogging. Long-time visitors would have noticed by now that I no longer blog every day […]

Life is But a Stream: Why I Do Less Blogging and More (hyper)streaming

I’ve been blogging my heart out for almost five years now. Ever since I started I’ve pretty much blogged every day (see my archive). It’s a discipline I tried to maintain. I love sharing information. In return, I’m rewarded with good karma in the form of online friends and reciprocal links and information. However, in […]