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Francis Raven Turns One

“And I will bow to the shining seas And celebrate God’s grace on thee I was born free I was born free I was born free Born free” ~ Kid Rock It was a year ago when Francis Raven came to this world. It was a year ago when my wife and I became parents. […]

Francis Raven Says “Hello World!”

i come to this world Francis Raven is my name free as a black bird Hello World! My name is Francis Raven. I was born on March 10, 2010 @ 5:41pm weighing 6.1lbs via normal delivery. I got my Mom’s ravishing looks and my Dad’s long legs and sexy butt. I’m looking forward to having […]

Ultrasound 3.0: Our Little Buddha’s Brain

Francis Raven is almost here. It’s cool to see his little brain growing at a fast pace. I wonder what he’s feeling, thinking, and dreaming at this time… Take your time, son. Keep on dreaming of ten million fireflies. Your mom and I are just right here waiting and dreaming with you.

And We Shall Call Our Little Buddha… Francis Raven

It would be another three months before we officially become parents, but my wife and I already picked a name for our little buddha. It didn’t take us long to come up with a name. We did it over Thanksgiving weekend. We wanted to give our baby boy a cool-sounding, relatively unique, and meaningful name. […]

Ultrasound 2.0 – Baby Buddha Boy In Utero

IntelliGender was right. Our little buddha is a boy! Let the beat rock!