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Energy Technology in a Post-American World

I’ve been focusing too much on national politics lately I feel like I’m suffering from political diarrhea. This election has gotten too nasty. The crucial issues have now been reduced to lipstick and hockey stick. The presidential election of the most powerful nation in the world had turned into a slapstick. It would be funny […]

Ted Koppel and Charlie Rose On the People’s Republic of Capitalism

Ted Koppel interview with Charlie Rose is now up. Sweet. Check it. Last night I watched the second installment of The People’s Republic of Capitalism – Ted Koppel’s documentary on how capitalism and globalization is changing the economic and cultural landscape of the People’s Republic of China. Part 2 was all about the cultural changes […]

The Second World Matters in a Post-American World

I’ve been watching a lot of Charlie Rose conversations lately. Last night Parag Khanna was on the program discussing his views in his book, The Second World – Empires & Influence in the New Global Order. Very informative and insightful discussions on geopolitics and global economics. Check it. In general, Khanna’s view is a complement […]

The New Order of the Ages is Post-American

A few days ago I watched Charlie Rose interview Fareed Zakaria. I’ve watched a lot of insightful conversations with Charlie Rose and this conversation with Zakaria is one of the most informative on the topics of geopolitics and globalization which are not typically talked about on mainstream U.S. media. Check it out. It’s a must […]