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#BGeeks11 – Buddhist Geeks Conference 2011 – Streaming Entry

I’m all packed for the first ever Buddhist Geeks Conference 2011. Looking forward to rubbing elbows with my geeky Buddhist buddies from around the world. During the conference I’ll be doing updates via Twitter using the #BGeeks11 hashtag. You can follow along by adding this hashtag to your favorite Twitter client. At the end of […]

Response to Brad Warner on The Psychedelic Experience

Recently, Brad Warner had posted his hardline position on drugs/psychedelics. His conclusion: You can comment all you want, but you won’t change my mind about drugs. You will always and forever be wrong if you try to equate true spirituality with frying your brain on chemicals (even if they grow inside cacti and fungi). Put […]

See You at the Buddhist Geeks Conference! #BGeeks11

  It turned out that it was in my good karma to attend the first ever Buddhist Geeks Conference in L.A. I owe a deep gratitude to my wife for swapping her work schedule so I could attend. She told me that she knows how important this is to me so she gave me her […]

So What Did the Buddha Awoke To?

Last night I tweeted this question to all my geeky Buddhist cyber friends. “to all geeky Buddhists out there, here’s a question: What did the Buddha awaken to?” I’ve received a lot of interesting answers on Twitter and Facebook.

Why Shinzen Young is My Main Dharma Teacher

In the beginning of this year, 2009, I’ve made a connection to a geeky dharma teacher. Since then I’ve made significant progress in my meditation practice and still going strong. In fact, as a result, I’ve made meditation as an integral part of my lifestyle. I owe a lot of this to my main dharma […]