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10 Reasons We Ought to Grow Beyond Our Religion

If you think the New Atheists are mean, then think again. It seems like Steve Pavlina just woke up on the wrong side of the bed when he posted his anti-religion rants personality development tips for smart people. See 10 Reasons You Should Never Have a Religion. “While consciously pursuing your spiritual development is commendable, […]

Am I a Agnostic Buddhist?

Like Sam Harris, I don’t like putting labels on my belief and faith. But this is very close to what I subscribe to: “So what would be the features of an ‘agnostic Buddhist?’ Such a person would not regard the Dharma as a source of ‘answers’ to questions of where we came from, where we […]

Mitt Romney On Faith in America

I just finished watching Mitt Romney’s speech on Faith in America. You can check out the video here. Romney’s delivery is very good. I had to give that to him. His delivery was crisp, clear and concise on the matter of his faith. I almost wanted to admire him for that. But the contents of […]

D’Souza vs. Dennett: The Aftermath

I just finished watching the 15-part video of the D’Souza vs. Dennett debate held at Tufts University. All in all it was a good and entertaining debate. Nothing new with the arguments. But I still recommend watching it from beginning to end. Now here’s my take… Before watching the debate my bias was with Dennett. […]