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*Fist Bump* for Biden! And Why the Obama “Be the First to Know” Campaign is Pure Marketing Genius

I am awaiting for Barack Obama and Joe Biden’s first TV appearance as running mates as I write this. I received the email announcement early this morning from the Obama campaign, a couple of hours after the information got leaked in the New York Times. I didn’t get a text message, but that may be […]

We Pick the Presidential Candidate Who Shares Our Worldview

Regular readers of this blog know by now that I’m pro-Obama. Not that I hate McCain or because  I think that Obama is the political messiah, as caricatured by his detractors. It’s simply because, after considering the policies of both candidates (at least those policies that are important to me), their moral values and worldviews, […]

Obama and McCain @ Saddleback Civil Forum

If you’ve been following the presidential election closely then chances are you’ve already seen or heard about the Obama-McCain Saddleback Civil Forum. If you still haven’t seen the program then I highly recommend that you watch it in its entirety, here. CNN has been milking the program via re-runs. In fact, I am watching a […]

Barack Obama @ Fareed Zakaria GPS

(photo via Paper Cuts @ NYTimes) Just finished watching Barack Obama’s interview on Fareed Zakaria GPS. If you want to have a more in-depth understanding of Obama’s foreign policy then this interview is worth watching. In case you missed it, the video will be up soon online. In the meantime, you can check out a […]