Cryptotrifecta Moonshot

“TO THE MOON” is the famous rallying battlecry of Bitcoin blockchain diehards. It is the phrase heard around the world whenever the price of Bitcoin skyrockets relative to fiat currencies. In the last few weeks the price of Bitcoin hit gold parity. And just recently, even with the SEC rejection of the much-anticipated Winklevoss Bitcoin ETF, the value of Bitcoin has quickly recovered to above $1,200 level. There was no “crash.” If anything, it is the Bitcoin community that rejected SEC and not the other way around. Looks like Bitcoin is on its way to the moon after a quick detour.

But all is not well with Bitcoin. There is trouble in the blockchain paradise. The biggest threat to Bitcoin had nothing to do with the SEC rejection. It’s a problem of scaling, and more crucially, a problem of governance. Whatever the outcome of that stalemate, only time will tell. In the meantime, I’d like to offer a more scientifically nuanced analogy to that famous blockchain battlecry.

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CRYPTOTRIFECTA: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash

Cryptocurrency - a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.

Trifecta - a bet in which the person betting forecasts the first three finishers in a race in the correct order.

It was December 2013 when I jumped into the Bitcoin bandwagon. I signed up with Coinbase and started buying Bitcoins when it was trading at ~$800, right before it crashed to ~$600. It was a bummer. I lost a lot of money. But I knew what I was getting into. It was a risky bet on an early implementation of blockchain technology. I believed in the blockchain and its potential. So I never wavered and held on to my small stash of Bitcoins. I was in it for the long haul. I was a “hodler” before hodl became geekspeak for cryptogeeks.

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Flipping the “Fake” and Mainstream Corporate “News” Media

When I started blogging back in 2003 my goal was to share and curate information while learning from my interactions with other people online. That’s been my guiding passion ever since. Since then I’ve tried different social media services from blogging, to photo sharing, to social networks. While my loose social connections online has been generally fruitful, I still gravitate towards curating information on my topics of interests over social interactions online. For a while I’ve used Facebook to gather information and share them with people on my social graph. But I feel that I should focus more on *pulling* information based on my own topics of interests rather than having Facebook’s algorithm push down information down my throat via “news” feed. With the proliferation of FAKE news and mainstream corporate and government PROPAGANDA masquerading as “news”, it’s now more important to be mindful of the information that I digest and share. That’s why I’ve decided to switch to Flipboard to curate information that matters to me.

Flipboard makes it easy to bookmark, collect, and share information while making it easy and beautiful to read. It’s like reading a traditional high-quality magazine. I use Flipboard on my iPad and iPhone to inform myself on topics that I deem relevant to my profession, passion, and society as a whole. As of this writing I’ve collected 200+ items categorized across 20+ magazines. If you do a lot reading on the internet, I highly recommend using Flipboard. If you’re interested on the topics that I curate online, check out the magazines I’ve created and follow me on Flipboard. That’s all for now. See you around. Thanks for your attention.

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Kosmic Tsundoku


So much to read. So little time...

So much to read. So little time…

I’m not much of a fiction reader. I gravitate towards non-fiction tech and dharma books. I’m now rebuilding my reading list on my blog site. I’ll be adding more as I read and hoard more books. I believe that I suffer from a condition called “Tsundoku“. The problem is that, although I now rarely buy physical books, I’ve been hoarding more ebooks and audio books. Damnit. I just hope that I get to actually use whatever knowledge I’m collecting in this temporal bodymind field.



Hello, Everyone! I’m back from my long blog hiatus. During my long break from this blog I did some deep thinking on how to continue with my social media presence. I seriously considered quitting altogether but upon careful reflection I’ve decided to carry on with my online presence. Over the years I’ve connected with interesting people, forged long-time friendships, and evolved my thinking on a lot of things. So at this point in my life I figured that I’m not ready to just walk away from it all. There are intellectual and spiritual interests that I’d still like to pursue which I can’t do offline without interacting with the network of people I’ve already connected with online over the years. So I’m jumping back into the rabbit hole but with some changes to my online activity pattern.

First, I’ll get back to long-form writing. I’ve been blogging since 2003. I stopped blogging at the end of 2013 and switched exclusively to Facebook because I didn’t have time to sit down, write, and flesh out my thoughts. But now my focus is to go deeper into topics that interest me. The best way to explore my interests is to do more long-form writing and less on social media interacting.

Second, I’ve started a FB page to promote my blog content while maintaining my connections in FB. However, I’ll minimize using my FB account for interaction. My FB interaction will be mostly on my FB page, my blog, and my Twitter stream. So I encourage everyone to comment on my blog or my FB page, share ideas, stop by and say “hi”, or just hit me up on Twitter.

Third, I’ll minimize posting about politics and just focus on topics which I find important. I feel that I’ve exhausted my patience and tolerance for politics. And besides, I really hate politics.

Finally, I’ll focus on topics that interest me. Here are the main themes:

consciousness, technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, meditation, psychedelics, integral theory, alternative theories, sustainable energy, and awakening from it all.

In short, I’ll go back to my original goal when I started my blog back in 2003: “awakening while having fun.”

That’s all for now. Thanks for your attention. Now let’s have some fun!