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What gift will you give the world today?

(This is in response to the Questions and Reflections for December 24, 2007) I offer the world a gift of Trinity — image, music, and poetry. Image: Music: My rendition of the classic tune, Sleepwalk, with a holiday twist. Poetry: Kings of Wishful Thinking we say that God is Omniscient, but this would make Him […]

Tumbling with Passion and Compassion

My teammate Jake has been reflecting on building expressive community. He said: "Argue with me if you will, but I tend to think that the sheer customizability of Myspace’s profiles and the application-overburdened nature Facebook profiles (a seeming paradise of self-expression) instead creates over-stimulated jumbles of things that are not-quite-me. LinkedIn’s profiles have a singularity […]

Who, on the whole, do you find happier: children or adults?

(This is in response to the Questions and Reflections for November 16, 2007) I think children look happier than adults. But adults are more aware of their happiness, because they were exposed to unhappiness more than most children. So, all things being equal, I’d say adults are happier.

Where’s the first place you go online?

(This is in response to the Questions and Reflections for November 03, 2007) I use Firefox as my main application and the default page is the Firefox Start page which uses Google as a search engine. But the first place I go online is actually Gmail. Why? Because my Zaadz work email is set up […]

What’s the most important thing that happened to you this month?

(This is in Response to the Questions and Reflections for October 31, 2007) Let me see… I met with my folks and relatives in Chicago and we talked about a lot of deep-seated personal stuff. I’ve learned to extend my patience and understanding to new levels and accept things as they are. I’ve put the […]