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OccuPIE @ Occupy Seattle

Me and my little one stopped by downtown on Sunday afternoon to drop off some pizza as a token of our support for the people participating in Occupy Seattle. For more than a couple of weeks now I’ve been expressing my support for Occupy Wall Street in New York. But my support was only expressed […]

Joined the Cult of FiveFingering

I first saw Vibram FiveFingers in Ottmar Liebert’s blog back in 2007. I thought it was cool to have a footwear like that back then. But it took a few years before I finally got one for myself. Thanks to kindred geeks who wore them during the Buddhist Geeks 2011 Conference. They reminded me that I’ve […]

#BGeeks11 – Epilogue: It’s Good To Be In Something From the Ground Floor

”Lord, I’ve been thinking- spiritual friendship is at least half of the spiritual life!” 
The Buddha replied: “Say not so, Ananda, say not so. Spiritual friendship is the whole of the spiritual life!” (Samyutta Nikaya, Verse 2) I’m still riding high from the Buddhist Geeks Conference over the weekend. I’ve already posted a daily summary (see […]

#BGeeks11 – Monkeys in Mid-Swing

Day 3 of the Buddhist Geeks Conference 2011 started with an #openpractice with Ken McLeod. Ken guided us with an expansive/contractive awareness meditation technique. It was a good sit. If done correctly the technique will lead the practitioner to perceive the expansive and contractive flow of sensory experience. I’ve just added this awareness technique to my […]

#BGeeks11 – Awakening is an EPIC WIN!

Day 2 of the Buddhist Geeks Conference 2011 is actioned-packed! The day started with an #openpractice with Diane Musho Hamilton leading a Big Mind process while highlighting the second-person (You/We) perspective. She brought in the integral flavor in a house full of geeks.