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Leaving Ireland

Blogging will be light in the next few days as I fly back to Seattle. Will miss the people and the majestic views in Ireland.

Packing for Boulder…

I will be in Boulder starting on Sunday to meet up with the Zaadz + Gaiam Team. I’ve been working for Zaadz for more than a year now and it’s the first time I’ll meet the rest of the team in meatspace.  It feels like a family reunion. Thanks to our parent company Gaiam for […]

Standing on the Grave of Giants

One of the highlights of our London trip was our tour at Westminster Abbey — the burial place of Kings. Taking photos is not allowed inside, but we managed to steal some shots. Here I am standing on Charles Darwin’s grave. Gave me the goosebumps. We also took a snapshot of Sir Isaac Newton’s monument […]

@ London, England

I just love everything about the city of London – the people, the fashion, the attraction, the history, the art, the architecture, the shorter working hours and the public transportation. Here are some of the photos from our trip.    

When London Doves Fly

The visit to London was well worth it. I just love the look and feel of this city! It must be the historic places, the well-dressed people and the jaw-dropping architecture, combined with the lovely weather at this time, which made me fall in love with this tourist destination. I hope to visit again. In […]