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The End of Theory Opens Up Serendipity

Here’s a very interesting article on WIRED. The End of Theory: The Data Deluge Makes the Scientific Method Obsolete "Petabytes allow us to say: "Correlation is enough." We can stop looking for models. We can analyze the data without hypotheses about what it might show. We can throw the numbers into the biggest computing clusters […]

Do You Want To Live Forever?

It depends on what we mean by forever. In the end, there can be only one. "Channel 4 Documentary following the revolutionary life-extension and immortality ideas of this somewhat eccentric scientist, Dr. Aubrey de Grey. This show is all about the radical ideas of a Cambridge biomedical gerontologist called Aubrey de Grey who believes that, […]

On the Future of Diet, Gas Emissions, and Dying

John Tierney posted a quick run through of Kurzweil’s version of the singularity. "Do you have trouble sticking to a diet? Have patience. Within 10 years, Dr. Kurzweil explained, there will be a drug that lets you eat whatever you want without gaining weight. "Worried about greenhouse gas emissions? Have faith. Solar power may look […]

Red ~C Diary: Witnessing the Metaverse

‘After catching the first Matrix film with some RealNetworks colleagues, Rosedale left the theater glum, announcing to them, "But that’s what I was gonna make!"’ – Philip Rosedale via The Making of Second Life My avatar is already more than a year old but it wasn’t until I attended virtual Conversation Week that my interest […]

Digitizing Mind

From digitizing life to digitizing mind… Blue Brain Project brings us closer to the technological Black Swan. via Seed: Out of the Blue "The Blue Brain project is now at a crucial juncture. The first phase of the project—"the feasibility phase"—is coming to a close. The skeptics, for the most part, have been proven wrong. […]