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Sam Harris vs. Dr. Eben Alexander on NDE

Last week Newsweek published an excerpt of Dr. Eben Alexander’s book, “Proof of Heaven“, as its cover story. I’m already familiar with Dr. Eben Alexander’s NDE (Near-Death Experience) case because I’ve listened to his interview on Skeptiko last year. However, I don’t know the exact details of his case and the “proof” that he offers […]

Shinzen Young @ Google Tech Talks – Divide and Conquer, Untangle and Be Free

In the Science of Enlightenment series Shinzen Young mentioned that one of his dreams is to teach meditation at ivy league “Ivy Plus” universities, like M.I.T. I’m not sure how far Shinzen had accomplished that dream. However, just recently, Shinzen had the opportunity to share his approach to mindfulness meditation to a bunch of geeky […]

Charles Tart on the Science of Meditation

If you think you know what meditation is, think again. Here’s Charles Tart’s lecture on the science of meditation. Go and watch the 9-part video and do away with whatever limited views you may have on the nature of meditation.

Will the Real Theory of Evolution Please Stand Up?

Previously, I blogged an entry entitled, Will the REAL Evolution Debate Please Stand Up. It was about the different levels of debates happening within the evolutionary spectrum — all the scientific and spiritual theories about evolution and everything in between. A few months ago I followed up with a blog about the Renaissance of the […]

Everybody Lies, Including Our Brains

"Everybody lies," is a classic House M.D. aphorism. It’s scientifically true. Even if we think we’re being truthful there’s still a chance that our brains are lying to us. This is called source amnesia. And political campaigns are more than happy to exploit this scientific fact. Read: The neuroscience behind swiftboating. So let this be […]