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Obama Charisma

Whether you like Barack Obama or not, there’s no denying that the guy looks awesome in front of a camera. Of course, X-factor alone won’t win him the Presidential election. But it helps a lot. Hopefully, Obama’s policies would be as effective as his charisma.

In-World Photography

There are tons of creative practices that residents can do in Second Life. My favorite practice is to combine my passion in photography with my in-world exploration. This way I could hone my photography skills by practicing in-world. Check out this photo-illustration. It’s so easy to do. All you need to do is explore in-world. […]

First Filipino Album Released Under Creative Commons License

Congratulations to DRIP for releasing the first full-length album in the Philippines under Creative Commons license. "DRIP’s 2nd album launch – IDENTITY THEFT – makes a CREATIVE COMMONS historic first – as the FIRST full-length ALBUM released in the PHILIPPINES under a CREATIVE COMMONS license… "This album introduces a first in the Philippines—the enhanced CD […]

10 Reasons Why I’m a House M.D. Junkie

(House art – serendipitously snapped from an art exhibit in Sligo General Hospital in Ireland) House M.D. is crack! For the past couple of weeks I watched it every night before I went to sleep. Last night I’ve finished all episodes (Seasons One to Three on DVD). That’s 72 hours of programming (including the bonus […]

How to Write a Pop Song with Catchy-Nonsense Lyrics

Leave it to Uncle Scott, his loyal readers, and a groovy band in Germany to demonstrate the art of remixing nonsense. The result is somewhat amazing. See She Amazed Me – The Music Video. So to all aspiring pop stars, go ahead and use your social networking blogs and rip-mix-burn lyrics with your "friends". Combine […]