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On Sam Harris and the Limits of Conversational Intolerance

It’s interesting to see that my posts on Sam Harris’s FB page got deleted. Lately I’ve been highly critical of Sam ever since he posted on his blog his support for racial/religious profiling. So aside from my own critique I’ve been posting articles on Sam’s page with a common theme: the War on Terror is […]

Re: Secularizing Buddhism–Making it Accessible or Stripping the Roots?

I posted a comment on my geeky Buddhist friend’s guest post on One City: Secularizing Buddhism–Making it Accessible or Stripping the Roots? The comment was long enough that I think it warrants a blog post. So here it is. Vince, i share your concerns in not throwing the Buddhist baby with the secular bathwater 🙂 […]

Bush Evangelizing in China during the Olympics?!

Don’t fear religion, Bush tells China. This may sound harmless, noble even. But when you consider that God is part of Bush’s foreign policy, then be very, very wary.

Buddha’s Warriors @ CNN

I missed the first part of Buddha’s Warriors last night. But I saw the second half about the Dalai Lama. Check out this behind-the-scenes look with Christiane Amanpour. Watching the documentary, you’ll notice that Buddhism is not immune to dogmatism and fundamentalism. But in general, if there is such a thing as a religion of […]

Barack Obama Ought to Be a Buddhist Named Lama Obama

Lama Surya Das riffs with Stephen Colbert in this hilarious segment on the Colbert Report. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If Obama were Buddhist this would be his slogan.