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Red ~C Diary: Shrink My Ride! A Tribute to My Road Buddy

If there’s one positive impact of the recent soar in gas prices, it’s that people are now becoming more conscious of the impracticality of big gas guzzlers. The result: small cars market gets bigger."DETROIT — Soaring gas prices have turned the steady migration by Americans to smaller cars into a stampede. "In what industry analysts […]

Red ~C Diary: Witnessing the Metaverse

‘After catching the first Matrix film with some RealNetworks colleagues, Rosedale left the theater glum, announcing to them, "But that’s what I was gonna make!"’ – Philip Rosedale via The Making of Second Life My avatar is already more than a year old but it wasn’t until I attended virtual Conversation Week that my interest […]

Red ~C Diary: On Gaia and Zaadz Nostalgia

(Crossposted from ~C4Chaos@Gaia) It’s barely a day since Zaadz transformed into Gaia and I’m already feeling a pinch of nostalgia. Most members have embraced the change. Some members have expressed sadness and protest. We (the team) feel their zaadness. We have our reasons. Zaadz will always be special to us. We’ve (the team and members) […]

Red ~C Diary: So, Am I an Atheist?

With all my postings about religion, politics, atheism, and the New Atheists, I think it’s time that I reflect on where I stand within the psycho-socio-spiritual spectrum. As I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, I grew up Roman Catholic by virtue of my parents’ religion (they are lukewarm Catholics, btw) and the norm of […]

Red ~C Diary: Why Do I Blog Thee?

I was looking at the stats of my Typepad blog this morning to see what’s new. I usually do this to check who’s linking to my blog posts so I could follow the conversations. I don’t get much links. Most of the hits are coming from search engines (Google)–from people searching for random things. A […]