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My EPIC Takedown of Sam Harris’ “In Defense of Profiling”

Recently, Sam Harris caused another uproar over the interwebs for his defense — more like endorsement — of racial and religious profiling. When I read his article I find myself *emotionally* in agreement with the first parts of what he wrote, until I read the closing part. I had to read and re-read it to […]

Occupy Wall Street as Political and Social Dharma

Twenty-five hundred years ago the Buddha occupied the Bodhi tree. He sat there in deep meditation until he awakened and saw reality as it is. Then he got up, moved about, and delivered his monumental four-point message that changed—and continues to shape—history and every Buddhist practitioner’s perception of “reality.” Two months ago the Occupy Wall Street […]

Why Ravi Batra is My Kind of Kick-Ass Economist for the 99%!

In my previous post I’ve featured Ravi Batra’s article as one of the main reasons why to support the Occupy Wall Street meta-movement. And that was *before* I saw this video of him from 2007! If you don’t know American economist Ravi Batra, do yourself a favor. Read his books and get to know PROUT […]

OccuPIE @ Occupy Seattle

Me and my little one stopped by downtown on Sunday afternoon to drop off some pizza as a token of our support for the people participating in Occupy Seattle. For more than a couple of weeks now I’ve been expressing my support for Occupy Wall Street in New York. But my support was only expressed […]

2,784 Posts = Eight Years Occupying this Rabbit Hole

Today is the eight year anniversary of this blog. My regular posting has slowed down but my (hyper)streaming is as hyper as ever on Facebook and Twitter (but not on Google+). I’ve occupied this virtual space in cyberspace for eight years now, but today, I’d like to share this space with the people around the […]