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Super Colossal: Redshift Riders

(Crossposted from zBlog:~C4Chaos) People say that instrumental music is good for you. I agree. I like listening to instrumental music once in a while to relax and pump up my mood. It’s cold and rainy here in the Emerald City right now, so it would be overkill for me to listen to slow music. What […]

See Brondu~ Dancing

Brondu~ dancing while sober…chicks dig this kind of thing 🙂

1,662 posts = Three Years in the Rabbit Hole

This is my 1,662nd post. Three years of this-bodymind-consciousness floating within the vast realm of the blogosphere. To my recollection Year 2006 is the best year of my life so far. I’m glad that I’ve captured snippets of it on this cryptic blog. Here’s a look at some of them as I glance back into […]

Five Questions, Five Answers

Uploaded by Craig-Photography on 22 Aug ’06, 9.17am PDT. John of Craig Photography blog asked me five questions. Here are my answers: 5 Question Interview Series With ~C4Chaos Thanks John! Btw, John takes rockin’ photos too!

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