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  Hello, Everyone! I’m back from my long blog hiatus. During my long break from this blog I did some deep thinking on how to continue with my social media presence. I seriously considered quitting altogether but upon careful reflection I’ve decided to carry on with my online presence. Over the years I’ve connected with […]

Life is But a Stream: Why I Do Less Blogging and More (hyper)streaming

I’ve been blogging my heart out for almost five years now. Ever since I started I’ve pretty much blogged every day (see my archive). It’s a discipline I tried to maintain. I love sharing information. In return, I’m rewarded with good karma in the form of online friends and reciprocal links and information. However, in […]

Brilliant Blogs I follow

Thanks to Bill of Integral Options Cafe for putting me on his list of brilliant blogs. It’s an honor to be on your list! The feeling is mutual. To pay this good karma forward my task is to nominate seven other blogs for this award. It’s a challenge to narrow it down. I read so […]

Swallowed my blog in a single gulp!

Typepad had been good to me in all my five years of blogging. But it’s time I take full control of my online presence. WordPress is the better choice (e.g. themes, plugins, open source, interface). And there’s nothing like tweaking my own site. My readers might be wondering why it took me so long before […]

Hello WordPress Rabbit Hole!

Switched to WordPress. I’m now the master of my own domain! Pardon the mess while I swallow my old blog in a single gulp!