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Global Gaia Gathering @ the Emerald City

(Crossposted from ~C4Chaos @ Gaia) Just got back from the Gaia gathering here in the Seattle area (more accurately, Kirkland WA where I live). There were five of us in the group. As you can see in the photo we had a cozy and fun gathering (even if we’re camera shy). You might be wondering […]

2 x 15 + 5 = iPhone 3G

I finally got my iPhone 3G today. I can’t believe that there was still a long line! We stood in line for a couple of hours just to buy one. Gah, I should’ve gotten one during launch. Thanks to AT&T I had to wait for another two weeks. Ah well, at least I’ve got one […]

@ iPhone 3G Launch

There are about 200 people here in line already at Bellevue Square mall waiting for their iPhone 3G. Good thing we got here early. There are lines at both the Apple store and AT&T but we’re sticking with Apple because of the geeky crowd and the free coffee 🙂 My wife promised to buy me […]

4th of July

Here are some photos I took during the 4th of July celebration. See slideshow.

Red, White, and Blues this 4th of July

Will go out tonight and take photos of fireworks by the lake. In the meantime, here’s a photo of Jimi playing the Star Spangled Banner on the big screen at Experience Music Project (EMP). For those who haven’t heard or seen it yet, here’s Jimi remixing the national anthem from a different angle. Happy 4th […]