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Sam Harris Digs Buddhism, Er, (Buddhist) Meditation

First of, I’m not stalking Sam Harris. For some reason he just keeps on appearing on my RSS reader. That dude seems ubiquitous nowadays. But anyway, apparently, Sam Harris and a number of scientists went to a retreat and practiced a form of Buddhist meditation. Neat. If that’s the case, I still wonder why Sam […]

Steve Pavlina’s Blogging Flow

Steve Pavlina gives us a sneak-peek at his flowing creativity. I can relate with him since I experience this flow myself once in a while. Just to be fancy, I even called the experience, blogging flow. However, unlike Steve, most of my blogging flow comes from writing and finding links and putting them together in […]

Steve Pavlina = Tony Robbins 2.0?

Jon asks: Is Steve Pavlina the new Tony Robbins? Um, I think he is. Or, at least, Steve Pavlina is the Web 2.0 counterpart of Tony Robbins. Robbins may be pumping up people on the stage over at TEDTalks, but he has been slow to adapt to the social dimension of the web. Case in […]

Sleepless in Seattle, Steve Pavlina to the Rescue

My mind has been preoccupied lately with various personal stuff. My mentality has been slipping into self-centric rather than other-centric. I find it hard to sleep early and to read a good book. In fact, it’s already late and I’m still awake typing on my keyboard. The body is sleepy but the mind keeps wondering, […]

Rigpa: On Something Impermanent

(via Glimpse @ Rigpa) October 14 The fear that impermanence awakens in us, that nothing is real and nothing lasts, is, we come to discover, our greatest friend because it drives us to ask: If everything dies and changes, then what is really true? Is there something behind the appearances? Is there something in fact […]