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Sam Harris On Happiness

"Happiness is an absence of neuroses." via Sam Harris @ Big Think From a psycho-social development perspective, I agree with Sam Harris. But happiness is relative. So I prefer serenity instead. But sadness is good too.

Rigpa: On Nowness

(via Glimpse @ Rigpa) February 6 The cells of our body are dying, the neurons in our brain are decaying, even the expressions on our face are always changing, depending on our mood. What we call our basic character is only a “mindstream,” nothing more. Today we feel good because things are going well; tomorrow […]

Take a few paragraphs to describe a perfect world

(This is in response to the Questions and Reflections for March 25, 2007) In the two truths doctrine of Buddhism there are two levels of truths, or expressions of reality: the relative and the absolute. The relative is the ever-changing nature of reality, and the absolute is the ground in which everything and nothing happens […]

Steve Pavlina: Lessons from 1/5 of a Millionaire

(Crossposted from zBlog:~C4Chaos) Is Steve Pavlina awesome or what?! “People who say they want to become a millionaire but are unwilling to back it up with hard work are only fooling themselves.  It’s not going to happen by itself.  If hard work is a dirty word to you, don’t bother. “However, the great thing about […]

Cardio Coach: My First Impressions

I just got back from the gym. Today is my cardio day. I’ve been working out consistently for more than a year now. But my cardio workout could use more improvements. My cardio workout is derived from HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), which I’ve learned from my Absolution program. It’s very effective. Incorporating HIIT in […]