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Super Colossal: Redshift Riders

(Crossposted from zBlog:~C4Chaos) People say that instrumental music is good for you. I agree. I like listening to instrumental music once in a while to relax and pump up my mood. It’s cold and rainy here in the Emerald City right now, so it would be overkill for me to listen to slow music. What […]

Amazing Feet!

This guy just made my day.

~iBlues: Mirrors

Can’t sleep. So I made this.

Four Hands on a Guitar

This video just made my day. Yeehaw!

Sights and Sound of Zen

(Crossposted from zBlog: ~C4Chaos) I’m taking it easy this weekend by watching music videos. But after listening to Shania, Coldplay, REM, Stuart Davis, Tears for Fears, and Guns N’ Roses, I think it’s about time to settle back to the sights and sound of Zen. So I’m calling it a day after I watch this […]