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My Profile In Haiku

While playing around with zaadz, I thought of creating a very short online profile for my cyber-sub-persona. So there. It’s got everything and then some. through this viewfinderwhile weaving a bluesy traili ask — who am i?

Sir Tim Blogs

timbl’s blog @ web comments Originally uploaded by coolmel. So I am going to try this blog thing using blog tools. So this is for all the people who have been saying I ought to have a blog. – Sir Tim Berners-Lee‘s blog post [via] Whoa! This one goes straight to my Google Reader. Could […]

Wilkenson Blogs

A shout-out to my good friend Wilken who started blogging as a way to remember. Miss you guys.

Ditto on this MD

So it seems people learn his model, go around applying it to things they read about but when challenged have nothing to rely on, to back up and argue besides Wilber’s very generalized ‘orienting’ model. His work covers so much and summarizes in a way that people just swallow it down (download IOS ring a […]

Civility in Blogging

When I started to think about what I wanted to speak about today, the phrase “civility in blogging” kept on popping into my head. When I say “civility in blogging,” I’m basically referring to the demeanor or the desired demeanor that we conduct ourselves when we’re blogging. Civility is a difficult concept to speak about […]