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  Hello, Everyone! I’m back from my long blog hiatus. During my long break from this blog I did some deep thinking on how to continue with my social media presence. I seriously considered quitting altogether but upon careful reflection I’ve decided to carry on with my online presence. Over the years I’ve connected with […]

IceRocket: On Being an Author

IceRocket flattery Originally uploaded by coolmel. Well, what do you know… I’ve never written a book, published a paper, or have been sane and coordinated enough to write my thoughts on paper, but according to IceRocket, I’m a freakin’ author. That’s numinous nonsense! “I have never thought of writing for reputation and honor. What I […]

Freakin’ Bell

Whenever I forget to close Ottmar’s blog in one of my Firefox tabs, that mindfulness bell always catches me off guard, especially when I’m wearing my earphones listening to iTunes with the bloody volume in full blast! One of these days Ottmar’s blog will either give me a heart attack, or a rude awakening. Damn! […]

Rebecca Blood’s Bloggers on Blogging

Rebecca Blood, the blogger who inspired me to blog with passion and compassion, has an ongoing series of interviews with A-list pioneer bloggers. Here’s an excerpt from the David Weinberger interview. For me, a community is a group of people who care about one another more than they have to. I do feel part of […]

Seeking Enlightened Developers

This job posting cracked me up. Too bad I don’t know a damn thing about Ruby on Rails. It makes me feel like a rusted pipe nowadays. Desired skills: CSS design skills and failiarity with AJAX integration in Rails is a plus. Extra points if you’re vegetarian/vegan and know who Ken Wilber is or what […]