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Barack Obama Ought to Be a Buddhist Named Lama Obama

Lama Surya Das riffs with Stephen Colbert in this hilarious segment on the Colbert Report. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If Obama were Buddhist this would be his slogan.

Uncle Scott Tells It Like It Is

via The Scott Adams Blog: Ignorance is Underrated "When it comes to picking our next president, I can’t decide if I prefer the smooth-talking, inspirational candidate who promises to give my money to people who don’t work as hard as I do, or the old, short, ugly, angry guy with one good arm who graduated […]

Fareed Zakaria On The Daily Show

Saw this fun and informative interview with Fareed Zakaria on The Daily Show last night. But for a more serious and intellectual conversation, check out Fareed Zakaria’s interview with Charlie Rose. I’m a sucker for brilliant minds with a global perspective on economics, capitalism and geopolitics. So I’m going to buy his book, The Post-American […]

Uncle Scott vs. An Angry Atheist

Copyright (C) Scott Adams, Inc. Scott Adams has recently gotten himself into a blog-food-fight with an "angry atheist." "As I’ve mentioned in this blog, when people associate with a point of view, they begin to lose objectivity. For example, if you were President of the Unicorn Association of America, and spent your days explaining how […]

~The Dilbert Blog Troll: Nostrildumbass Does it Again

After a short hiatus, the Dilbert Blog Troll is back! I missed you Uncle Scott! I know you missed me too. LOL. So I’ll be resuming my trolling on the The Dilbert Blog… Hey, look! This is a neat topic! The Dilbert Blog: Nostrildumbass Does it Again In my book, THE RELIGION WAR, I predicted […]