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Joined the Cult of FiveFingering

I first saw Vibram FiveFingers in Ottmar Liebert’s blog back in 2007. I thought it was cool to have a footwear like that back then. But it took a few years before I finally got one for myself. Thanks to kindred geeks who wore them during the Buddhist Geeks 2011 Conference. They reminded me that I’ve […]

Got Big Waistline?

Be thankful you don’t live in Japan. "Under a national law that came into effect two months ago, companies and local governments must now measure the waistlines of Japanese people between the ages of 40 and 74 as part of their annual checkups. That represents more than 56 million waistlines, or about 44 percent of […]

International Nurses Day

Doctors rock. But nurses are often the people who connect with patients day in and day out. So here’s to all nurses on International Nurses Day. Here’s a video tribute to you. Thanks for all your valuable and compassionate contributions to society. Special thanks to those nurses fighting for universal health care. And special thanks […]

Nurses for Universal Health Care

Nurses in California continue to fight and make a case for universal health care. Watch them featured on Bill Moyers Journal. Check out the video and transcript. GERI JENKINS: When you have 60 percent of the healthcare in this country being delivered by for-profit corporate entities, whose mi– major focus is their bottom line, then […]

Dreaming of Gross National Happiness

Imagine a world where the driving force is people’s well-being and happiness instead of insatiable economic growth which puts strain on our environment. Bhutan is already doing it. It’s called Gross National Happiness (GNH). "While conventional development models stress economic growth as the ultimate objective, the concept of GNH claims to be based on the […]