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One Door Closes, Another Opens: Why I’m No Longer Working for Gaia

(Crossposted from ~C4Chaos @ Gaia) “Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” ~ Margaret Meade I remember it like yesterday. Two years ago I’ve embarked on a journey of pure serendipity. I left a relatively secured job to join […]

Global Gaia Gathering @ the Emerald City

(Crossposted from ~C4Chaos @ Gaia) Just got back from the Gaia gathering here in the Seattle area (more accurately, Kirkland WA where I live). There were five of us in the group. As you can see in the photo we had a cozy and fun gathering (even if we’re camera shy). You might be wondering […]

What would you like all fathers to know?

(This is in response to the Questions and Reflections for June 15, 2008) You’re more of a role model to us than movie stars, athletes, artists, nobel laureates, business moguls, or rock stars. But when all things are said and done we’re the ones who will shape our own destinies. So it’s enough that you […]

Happy Mother’s Day! Any way the wind blows…

(This is in response to the Questions and Reflections for May 11, 2008) What have you learned from your mother? If you could share something with your mum, wherever she is, what would you say? How has your mother inspired you? My mom thought me patience, kindness, humility, compassion, forgiveness, and the Golden Rule. I […]

What would you choose to make a film about?

(This is in response to the Questions and Reflections for May 10, 2008) Today is Pangea Day, a global event meant to bring the world together through the use of film. If you could make a movie about something, knowing it would be seen around the world, what would you choose? What story would you […]