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Dreaming in Kanji

(Targeted)Serendipity + RETICULUM REX = KICK @$$. Check out these out. Japanese Translation in old-style Kanji of Buddhist++ Floetry (which is a remix of this). See? buddhist++ floetry Originally uploaded by coolmel. Japanese Kanji for Chaos (disorder). Watch this blogger-body-mind make this into a household tattoo…. ~C4Chaos Kanji (in red) Originally uploaded by coolmel. Thank […]

Buddhist++ Floetry

Leave it to Blogmandu to rip, mix, and burn this crazy fool. RETICULUM REX rules! I have no grand illusions                   of claiming that blogging    can catapult anyone into                                        awakening.                    […]

Last Night

last night i laid on my back and for a brief moment… there’s… no more global warming no more terrorism no more fighting no more struggling no more rich no more poor no more hunger no more anger no more disease no more health no more maps no more territories no more happiness no more […]

Lyrics: Dopamine Overload

It’s still a week before St. V-Day, but Love is already in the air. I was minding my own business, daydreaming actually, when my friend smacked me in the head with the February issue of National Geographic. It has a good article exploring boring different scientific explanations of that crazy little thing called Love. Check […]

2005: End of Year Reflections in 7 Haikus

four years down the drain in this city drenched in rain an old chapter ends slumbering passion in corporate samsara who is it that toils? temporal abode in a place i resonate near the waterfront met with old classmates was it fifteen years ago when highschool was fun? fireworks from without magic there miracle here […]