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What gift will you give the world today?

(This is in response to the Questions and Reflections for December 24, 2007) I offer the world a gift of Trinity — image, music, and poetry. Image: Music: My rendition of the classic tune, Sleepwalk, with a holiday twist. Poetry: Kings of Wishful Thinking we say that God is Omniscient, but this would make Him […]

Pause for a moment, and write a haiku about what’s around you.

(This is in Response to the Questions and Reflections for May 09, 2007)in a small corner witnessing the bright lights ofthis Zaadz noosphere

What’s your relationship to the Earth?

(This is in Response to the Questions and Reflections for April 22, 2007) I am the Earth and the Earth is me,We are the Earth and the Earth is us. There’s no separation,We’re made of the same stuff along with other planets, the Sun, the stars, the swirling galaxies,the Cosmos, and the Kosmos.Snap! I am […]

Kronos: Momentary Adversary

Props to the Zero Boss for giving me an excuse to post my old cheesy poem(s)… Momentary Adversary19981020-0031 trapped in a prisoni can’t break free,everywhere i go,it goes with me, whatever I doi’m being watched,wherever i turn,it goes for the catch, neither the richnor even the poor,can ever escape,beyond its door, even denial cannot do,freedom’s […]

2006: End of Year Reflections in 7 Haikus

blogging with passion kosmic blogging injunctions flow with compassion coolmel is no more ubiquitous nirvana ~C4Chaos lives became a wizard in a rabbit hole called Zaadz spreading fluffy seeds two hearts far apart Ireland was never too far Rosses Point surprise a block from the lake got a more permanent crib vagabond no more cribbing […]