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Toastmasters Speech #2: One Sweet Ride

Today I delivered my second Toastmasters speech. The theme was about our new road buddy but with a twist. I enjoyed writing it because it gave me the opportunity to talk about important topics that interest me while name-dropping Tesla at the same time. I guess my fellow Toastmasters enjoyed it because I was voted […]

Blog Action Day 2009: On Climate Change

(This blog post is my humble contribution to Blog Action Day 2009 – Climate Change.) Over the years I’ve done my share of passionate blogging on the topic of Climate Change (Global Warming) in particular, and the Environment in general. I don’t have anything new to add from what I’ve expressed before. So allow me […]

Energy Technology in a Post-American World

I’ve been focusing too much on national politics lately I feel like I’m suffering from political diarrhea. This election has gotten too nasty. The crucial issues have now been reduced to lipstick and hockey stick. The presidential election of the most powerful nation in the world had turned into a slapstick. It would be funny […]

The oil shortage problem is so overrated

Back in March Dean Kamen demonstrated Slingshot on The Colbert Report. The robotic “Luke” arm is cool but the Slingshot is the invention that will save the world (of people). Think about it. We can now drink our own pee and be proud of it, bottle it, and sell it as purified bottled water to […]

Paper or Plastic? Bring Your Own!

Nice. via Worldchanging: Seattle "Seattle’s City Council approved the proposed disposable bag fee yesterday with a 6-1 vote. Starting in January 2009, shoppers will have the option of either bringing their own bags to the store, or paying 20 cents per disposable bag to tote their goods. According to an article in the Seattle Times, […]