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There is no leaf.

As I was falling asleep I continue with my “noting” meditation, being mindful of the “rising” and “falling” of the breath. In a few moments I became aware of high vibrations and a high pitch sound that seem to permeate throughout my body. I focused my attention on the rising and falling of the breath… […]

I Had a Dream: John McCain Picked a Woman as VP Running Mate

I’m standing in a hallway. There’s tension in the air. McCain just picked a woman as his VP running mate. His advisers are divided. They are arguing. I hear a loud voice, “there goes our ‘experience’ argument against Obama out the window!” I’m watching two of McCain’s advisers arguing over the issue. One of them […]

Steve Pavlina’s Blogging Flow

Steve Pavlina gives us a sneak-peek at his flowing creativity. I can relate with him since I experience this flow myself once in a while. Just to be fancy, I even called the experience, blogging flow. However, unlike Steve, most of my blogging flow comes from writing and finding links and putting them together in […]