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Starbucks On Its Way to Becoming Post-American?

With its closing of 600 stores in the U.S., is Starbucks on its way to becoming post-American? If this trend continues then it looks like Starbucks would fulfill its prediction."Starbucks predicts that by 2010 it will have more cafés in China than in the United States." [via The Post-American World] My question is a rhetorical […]

The New Gilded Age: The Rise of the Super Rich

Just finished watching CNBC’s documentary, Untold Wealth: The Rise of the Super Rich. Go check it. "In 1985, there were 13 American billionaires. Today there are over 1,000. And the richest 1% of Americans control more wealth than 90% of the U.S. population – combined. [watch it] The amounts these people spend on their toys, […]

Re: Incest Between Business and Government

As a follow up to my previous post, Incest Between Business and Government, here’s the video and transcript of Bill Moyers’ interview with Steve Fraser. "Steve Fraser, historian and author of WALL STREET: AMERICA’S DREAM PALACE, discusses the modern parallels and differences to the first Gilded Age, the big disparity between the rich and poor, […]

Sex Continues to Sell More Than Ethics

I’m not surprised. This is classic capitalism in the works. Here’s a case in point. (via Fast Company: American Apparel’s New Image) "A whopping majority of American shoppers may consider themselves environmentalists, but, according to the Journal of Industrial Ecology, only 10% to 12% "actually go out of their way to purchase environmentally sound products." […]

Incest Between Business and Government

Steve Fraser says: "Basically, we left the financial marketplace largely unregulated – a tendency which had begun under Reagan and continued at an accelerated pace all through the years since Reagan, including under the Clinton administration… When push comes to shove, businessmen and their financial enablers may talk the talk about the free market. But […]