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What Kind of World Do You Want?

Jon Ondrasik (aka Five for Fighting), one of my favorite artists, asks this question: What Kind of World Do You Want? My answer: I want a high-tech world wherein our humanity is still in tact. I want a world where we see ourselves as stewards of the environment rather than conquerors. I want a world […]

My EPIC Takedown of Sam Harris’ “In Defense of Profiling”

Recently, Sam Harris caused another uproar over the interwebs for his defense — more like endorsement — of racial and religious profiling. When I read his article I find myself *emotionally* in agreement with the first parts of what he wrote, until I read the closing part. I had to read and re-read it to […]

Open Practice: Why Shinzen Young’s Home Practice Program is Awesome

How big is your body? It’s big as the whole universe or small like the nucleus of an atom, and everything in between. ~Shinzen Young Many of you who are regular readers of this blog (and those who follow my tweets) know by now that I’m a big fan of Shinzen Young. I just love […]

Mastering the Core Teachings of the Buddha: My Kind of Kick Ass Dharma!

Good teachers can help; they are basically a necessity and so are highly recommended, but you must do the work yourself. You must understand, and then you will have to do this again and again. Get used to it, as it can be quite an adventure. It is sometimes hard for people to believe that […]

Energy Technology in a Post-American World

I’ve been focusing too much on national politics lately I feel like I’m suffering from political diarrhea. This election has gotten too nasty. The crucial issues have now been reduced to lipstick and hockey stick. The presidential election of the most powerful nation in the world had turned into a slapstick. It would be funny […]