Flipping the “Fake” and Mainstream Corporate “News” Media

When I started blogging back in 2003 my goal was to share and curate information while learning from my interactions with other people online. That’s been my guiding passion ever since. Since then I’ve tried different social media services from blogging, to photo sharing, to social networks. While my loose social connections online has been generally fruitful, I still gravitate towards curating information on my topics of interests over social interactions online. For a while I’ve used Facebook to gather information and share them with people on my social graph. But I feel that I should focus more on *pulling* information based on my own topics of interests rather than having Facebook’s algorithm push down information down my throat via “news” feed. With the proliferation of FAKE news and mainstream corporate and government PROPAGANDA masquerading as “news”, it’s now more important to be mindful of the information that I digest and share. That’s why I’ve decided to switch to Flipboard to curate information that matters to me.

Flipboard makes it easy to bookmark, collect, and share information while making it easy and beautiful to read. It’s like reading a traditional high-quality magazine. I use Flipboard on my iPad and iPhone to inform myself on topics that I deem relevant to my profession, passion, and society as a whole. As of this writing I’ve collected 200+ items categorized across 20+ magazines. If you do a lot reading on the internet, I highly recommend using Flipboard. If you’re interested on the topics that I curate online, check out the magazines I’ve created and follow me on Flipboard. That’s all for now. See you around. Thanks for your attention.

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