Hello, Everyone! I’m back from my long blog hiatus. During my long break from this blog I did some deep thinking on how to continue with my social media presence. I seriously considered quitting altogether but upon careful reflection I’ve decided to carry on with my online presence. Over the years I’ve connected with interesting people, forged long-time friendships, and evolved my thinking on a lot of things. So at this point in my life I figured that I’m not ready to just walk away from it all. There are intellectual and spiritual interests that I’d still like to pursue which I can’t do offline without interacting with the network of people I’ve already connected with online over the years. So I’m jumping back into the rabbit hole but with some changes to my online activity pattern.

First, I’ll get back to long-form writing. I’ve been blogging since 2003. I stopped blogging at the end of 2013 and switched exclusively to Facebook because I didn’t have time to sit down, write, and flesh out my thoughts. But now my focus is to go deeper into topics that interest me. The best way to explore my interests is to do more long-form writing and less on social media interacting.

Second, I’ve started a FB page to promote my blog content while maintaining my connections in FB. However, I’ll minimize using my FB account for interaction. My FB interaction will be mostly on my FB page, my blog, and my Twitter stream. So I encourage everyone to comment on my blog or my FB page, share ideas, stop by and say “hi”, or just hit me up on Twitter.

Third, I’ll minimize posting about politics and just focus on topics which I find important. I feel that I’ve exhausted my patience and tolerance for politics. And besides, I really hate politics.

Finally, I’ll focus on topics that interest me. Here are the main themes:

consciousness, technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, meditation, psychedelics, integral theory, alternative theories, sustainable energy, and awakening from it all.

In short, I’ll go back to my original goal when I started my blog back in 2003: “awakening while having fun.”

That’s all for now. Thanks for your attention. Now let’s have some fun!