#Bitcoin or Bust!

#Bitcoin or Bust!

It’s official. I’ve jumped into the Bitcoin bandwagon. I’ve heard of Bitcoin a couple years ago but I was too dense to notice its significance. That’s why I’m still kicking myself for almost missing out on this technological revolution. As Tony Soprano said, “It’s good to be in something from the ground floor.” I may have missed the Bitcoin ground floor, but I’m definitely now on board on this runaway freight train.

For the past few weeks I’ve brushed up on the practical, technical, and disruptive aspects of Bitcoin as cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as a protocol and platform. Naysayers mostly focus on the cryptocurrency aspect (i.e. “intrinsic value” or lack thereof). But they fail to grasp the significance of the platform/protocol aspect of Bitcoin. Too bad for them because the real disruptive power of Bitcoin is in its decentralized infrastructure and its protocol which can be used as a platform for who knows what kind of marvelous technological applications in the near future. Think TCP/IP which is the backbone of the Internet.

Once I’ve realized the potential of Bitcoin I’ve become a rabid evangelist, both online and offline. As expected, my friends just laughed at me and said that I’ve fallen for a Ponzi Scheme. It’s hard to blame them because that was my knee-jerk reaction when I’ve first heard of Bitcoin too. You really have to do your homework to appreciate why Bitcoin could be the next great revolution since the Internet.

In this blog post I’ll share the resources I’ve collected which will be very useful for those who are new to Bitcoin. Check out the links below.

I highly recommend taking this Udemy course on Bitcoin. It lives up to its course title. Once you’ve finished taking this course, you’ll know the basics of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies in general, and how to securely store them.

Bitcoin or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Crypto - The definitive guide to understand what the bitcoin is and why we should care about them.

I also recommend watching this talk by Andreas Antonopoulos. You can learn a lot from his geeky wisdom.


And to get a balanced perspective, be sure to watch this debate between Bitcoin curmudgeon, Peter Schiff, and Bitcoin pioneer Erik Voorhees. Both of them make excellent points. I find this debate to be very informative even if I’m already on board on the Bitcoin crazy train.


For the uber-paranoid here’s a tutorial on cold storage.


For those who love listening to podcasts, Let’s Talk Bitcoin is a must. I’ve learned a lot just by listening to this podcast while I’m on the road.

And finally, if you’re on Facebook, feel free to check out my Bitcoin EPIC THREADS for more resources and latest news.

We’re either witnessing the verge of a new global currency revolution or a spectacular crash in the making. In any case, Bitcoin is at the point right now wherein the investment risk is high but the pay off can be enormous. If Bitcoin succeeds as envisioned by its early freedom-loving-stick-it-to-the-big-banks pioneers then it will be a brave new world, especially for developing nations.

BOTTOM LINE: Are you willing to bet big against the evils of centralized banking and fiat currency manipulation by the sociopathic elites? Either GO BIG or GO HOME, bitches!


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UPDATE: 12/5/13: I published this blog post just a few minutes before Bitcoin crashed after China Central Bankers pooh pooed it last night! I should’ve bought more!

China Central, Alan Greenspan, and now the French Central Bank are on full assault mode on Bitcoin. Ironically, it’s WallStreet (i.e. Bank of America) which is on the opposite end of the spectrum recognizing the value of Bitcoin (as protocol). Exciting times! It’s like watching a very close boxing match!

Here’s the thing: The more Central Bankers attack Bitcoin the more I’m emboldened to support it! So bring it on, bitches!


UPDATE: 12/6/13: As of this writing, Bitcoin has gone below $600 on Coinbase. Nice work, China Central Bankers! Oh, what a rough ride it is!

“The bottom line: #Bitcoin is getting a great deal of buzz fueled by a tug of war between the public, politicians, and investment analysts who see some merit in the virtual currency, on the one side; and central bankers on the other, concerned about abuses of the currency; and the loss of seigniorage income.

That’s why the currency is in for a rough ride.”

~ http://www.forbes.com/sites/panosmourdoukoutas/2013/12/06/bitcoin-market-in-sharp-correction-what-is-next/


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