Touch the Groove of My Kickass Dharma Mix

I’ve been playing around with TRAKTOR DJ for iPad for a few weeks now. I love this application. It rekindled my passion for mixing music. To practice my remix chops I’ve created a series of dharma mix featuring my kick ass dharma teacher, Shinzen Young, remixed with some of my favorite music. It’s my way of expressing my gratitude to his crisp, concise, and no-nonsense approach to the dharma. It’s also my own way of paying it forward and passing it along to those who are ready to take in the message.

Below are the music tracks. If you enjoy listening to it, please share it with others and spread them far and wide. This is ~DJC4Chaos signing off. Take care and godspeed.


1. A Complete Experience of Paradise City

2. Waking Up to the Activity Called “You”

3. Enlighten Up

4. Meet Me Halfway on the Pathless Land

5. Creepy Intermediate Realms

6. 21 Guns In the Realms of Power

7. True Colors of a Peaceful Mind


P.S. Thanks to my FB buddy Scott for the reminder. We’ll share the good karma, bro 🙂


UPDATE 8/24/13: Here’s a bonus track. Coz I just have to remix Shinzen with this awesome song by Muse that’s why. So pump up the volume and touch the groove of this kickass dharma.


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