On Sam Harris and the Limits of Conversational Intolerance

It’s interesting to see that my posts on Sam Harris’s FB page got deleted. Lately I’ve been highly critical of Sam ever since he posted on his blog his support for racial/religious profiling. So aside from my own critique I’ve been posting articles on Sam’s page with a common theme: the War on Terror is a never-ending pretense and Sam’s BIGGEST BLIND SPOT is the National Security State.

Instead of getting good intellectual rebuttals from Sam (well, he never responds anyway) and his followers, all I got was some lame arguments full of logical fallacies and ignorance from some of his diehard uncritical fans. How pathetic.

Granted, maybe I have posted too much too often, or maybe the articles I’ve posted were too hot to handle for Sam and his fan base. So either Sam (or whoever manages his FB page) deleted my posts, or some of his fans flagged my posts enough number of times that it got deleted. Either way it is proof positive that I’m no longer welcome to post there. Fine. I get the message. I will not waste my time there either. It looks like I’ve reached the limits of Sam’s *conversational intolerance*. So I’ll just say this: It was fun while it lasted. Good luck in that echo chamber of a rabbit hole. May the people who uncritically swim in that cesspool of hate and irrationality (masquerading as reason) eventually wake up.

But I will still be watching you, Sam, and I will continue to passionately and compassionately point out your intellectual blind spot if the situation calls for it. Good thing I have my own blog which cannot be censored by Sam or his intellectual groupies.

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