What is Mythophysics?

Mythophysics – quasi-scientific-technological narrative using cutting-edge physics bordering on woo woo and geeky fallacies with the underlying assumption that there is a physical universe.

I wanted to coin a new slang word with a cool definition. The word is “mythophysics”. But I didn’t have a good definition. So thanks to my geeky Facebook buddies who helped me in defining this slang word.

I submitted the word to Urban Dictionary a few days ago but it is still not yet approved. Ah well, maybe the editors at Urban Dictionary have more important words and acronyms to approve. In any case, I’ve already started using this new word in my online discussions.  Below are some examples: (Follow the links for more context.)

There goes Lawrence Krauss again and his mythophysics.

The Bible creation story is boring. The mythophysics of the Dogon is more interesting.

The mythophysics of The Matrix was recounted in the made-for-DVD movie, The Animatrix.

Clif High’s mythophysical discourse on meditation is not even wrong.

Alex Jones passionately rants on the mythophysics of Prometheus with his own mythophysics.

Deepak Chopra’s and Leonard Mlodinow’s book should’ve been titled, “War of Mythophysics.”

A grand conspiracy theory should have solid mythophysics.

This guy is mythophysics incarnate.

Scientific facts are provisional. Given enough time and imagination, they become mythophysical.

Ridley Scott is serious about the mythophysics of Prometheus.

That’s all for now. If you dig the word, feel free to spread it like peanut butter and jelly.