Review: “Truth Out Radio, Live with Richard Dolan” Pilot Broadcast

Those who have been paying attention to my Facebook and Twitter streams are probably fed up by now on my posts about Ufology, Exopolitics, and government secrecy. Well, all I can say is that I hope you’re enjoying the ride with me because lately I’ve been exploring what’s called the “alternative research community.” Yes, this includes mind-boggling topics such as UFOs, extraterrestrials, alien abductions, ancient astronaut theory, ET Disclosure, secret societies, military black budget, underground bases, and forbidden archeology — all staple topics in the world of conspiracy theories.

Whatever the mainstream thinks about these topics, in my view, the real test of one’s critical thinking faculties is not to avoid and brush off everything that doesn’t fit within one’s perception of conventional reality, but to jump into the rabbit hole of the mystery and still come out sane on the other end.

In my exploration of Ufology my strategy has been to seek out those researchers whom I think are honest, level-headed, highly intelligent, scientific-minded, objective, and stick to the facts and evidence as much as possible. I recently picked my top three kick-ass Ufologists, and one of them is Richard Dolan.

Anyone who jumps into the UFO rabbit hole will most probably can’t avoid Richard Dolan. That guy is everywhere in the UFO circuit, and rightly so, because his no non-sense approach to Ufology from a historian’s point-of-view is very detailed, meticulous, and scholarly. Among the Ufologists that I’ve encountered so far, Dolan is one of the most level-headed, logical, eloquent, courageous, and intellectually honest. I don’t make that pronouncement lightly. I have (literally) watched all his lectures and interviews available on YouTube so I know his beat. That’s why I was excited when I heard that he is hosting a new radio program at Global Radio Alliance.

Today I listened to the pilot broadcast of “Truth Out Radio, Live with Richard Dolan” using my iPad streamed to my Apple TV via Airplay while taking care of my two-year old boy and changing diapers during commercials. It was a three-hour program with just Dolan talking about topics that he is passionate about. No gimmicks. No guests. No sound effects (other than cool soundtracks from Tracy Chapman and Rage Against the Machine). Just Dolan talking from his head, and I presume, his heart as well, with just a glass of water to clear his throat during breaks. It was epic! He didn’t disappoint. Don’t take my word for it. You can listen to the archive once it gets posted.

So what did Dolan talked about for three hours? After starting off with a short introduction, he let out a series of critiques within the UFO community, the skeptics, the government, and other alternative media. In the Ufology front, he lamented on the failure of MUFON to get the attention of the mainstream media and the general public. He then offered a constructive critique suggesting that MUFON should publish an annual list of its *best*  UFO cases and present it to the general public. I think it’s an excellent suggestion. Then he expressed his critical opinion on the Chilean UFO case that Leslie Kean recently broke on The Huffington Post. Dolan said that until the rest of the videos of the event are released he’ll temporarily accept the skeptical analysis that the UFO is most probably an insect. He then offered a cautious reminder to his listeners that UFO sightings, even those with alleged video footage posted on Youtube, are very difficult to prove without looking at different angles and multiple lines of evidences. So it is best to not get excited on any claims of sightings.

Continuing with the UFO topic, Dolan gave props to eSkeptic’s even-handed review of Leslie Kean’s book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On Record. Then he casually mentioned that he’s been looking forward to debate Michael Shermer on the topic of UFOs. Oh, snap! I hope this gets to Shermer and his accolades. I’ll put my money on Dolan any day.

However, Dolan saved his intellectual wrath on Neil deGrasse Tyson. After playing a sound clip of Tyson’s stand-up comic presentation wherein he made fun of UFO sightings and alien abduction, Dolan basically ripped Tyson a new one. Dolan admitted that he likes and respects Tyson when he’s talking about matters within his area of expertise, but Dolan lamented the fact that even intelligent people say stupid things in public. Is this another challenge by Dolan to debate Tyson? I say, bring it on! I’ll bring the popcorn!

During the last hour of the show I had to drive to downtown Seattle to pick up my wife. So I  switched to listening to my iPhone on my car via bluetooth connection using Talk Stream Live app. Thanks to streaming technology and my iOS devices I get to listen to alternative media anytime and anywhere.

In the last segment of the program Dolan switched to another of his favorite topic: government secrecy. He covered the recent news about how the FBI engages in “entrapment” in the Muslim community. Then he expressed his dismay with the Obama administration (aka The Most Transparent Administration Ever) for being worse than the Bush administration when it comes to government secrecy. Then he turned his critical attention to other more popular alternative media personalities, specifically, Alex Jones, for playing the fear card too often.

Finally, Dolan wrapped up the show by disclosing that he tries to adhere to the Zen philosophy of not taking one’s beliefs to be the ultimate reality. I find that very serendipitous because the title of my Safari browser folder wherein I collect my UFO bookmarks is, “Zen of UFOs.” How cool is that?

All in all I loved listening to Dolan’s new radio program. If the pilot program was an indication, Dolan’s program is very promising. That said, I have a couple of suggestions to make his program more engaging for listeners. I’m not sure whether Dolan is in front of a computer during his radio program, but if he is, in addition to the live chat, I think it would be great if he could use his Facebook fan page (or even Twitter) to take questions from his “friends” during the show. Also, I’d like to see Dolan post the news article that he is discussing on his FB wall in real-time. This way his listeners who are logged in to FB during the show (or even after the show) could get more context on the topics that he is discussing. Using his FB fan page during the broadcast will add a social media component to his radio program. Other than that I think the radio program is off to a great start. Looking forward to Dolan’s future shows. I’m optimistic that his program will live up to its promise of exploring topics that are ignored or misrepresented by our mindless mass media.