My Top Three Kick-Ass Ufologists

Navigating the world of Ufology is not for the gullible and faint-hearted. Without a certain skill at discernment and critical thinking it would be so easy to get lost in the labyrinthine world of conspiracy theories, nasty negativist skeptics, hoaxes, disinformation, classified programs, and the paranormal. That’s why it’s important to quickly identify the people who have a healthy, balanced, reasonable, logical, objective, and especially, scientific dispositions on this subject-matter. So I’m glad that I’ve found my top three kick-ass ufologists early on.

Here they are:

1) Stanton Friedman – Known as the “Father of Roswell” for breaking the Roswell case into the public. He’s a nuclear physicist who had worked on classified projects so he knows the ins and outs of the classified world. Due to his science background, and for him being a stickler to facts and evidence, not to mention his fierce debating skills, he can stand his ground against the nastiest of the so-called skeptics and debunkers and not blink. He had debated well-known skeptics like Michael Shermer and Seth Shostak and smoked them to bits. I guess it’s because he has the facts on his side. He believes that *some* UFOs are real (he preferes to call them “Flying Saucers“) and that extra-terrestrials are behind the technology. He’s a very vocal critic of SETI and calls it “Silly Efforts to Investigate.” Oh, snap!

Here is Stanton debunking the debunkers.


2) Richard Dolan – I call him the “Arnold Toynbee of Ufology” due to his approach to Ufology as an uber-objective historian. He’s already written two volumes (out of the planned trilogy) of UFOs and the National Security State (with each book having more than 500 pages!). His knowledge is deep and vast and he has an almost super-human ability to eloquently flow during lectures and interviews. But don’t get fooled by his boy-next-door looks. He is a fierce debater and takes no prisoners. He recently debated John Alexander on the topic of “UFO coverup”. It was a no-contest. He smoked Alexander and reduced his arguments to pixie dust. Dolan’s beliefs, opinions, and speculations on UFOs are very nuanced yet logically coherent. He sticks to verifiable facts and is not afraid to take on controversial topics such as 9/11 and government secrecy. He believes that “Disclosure is impossible yet inevitable.” The only thing missing with Dolan’s credentials is a Cosmic Ops security access. But all in all, he’s the geekiest of the bunch and an all around nice guy who tells it like it is.

Here is Richard Dolan in action.


3) Leslie Kean – She’s a top-notch journalist whose latest book, UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On Record, is making waves and turning hard-ass skeptics into open-minded realists. Her book convinced astronomer Derrick Pitts of the validity of UFO research and got an endorsement from physicist Michio Kaku. She is soft-spoken but carry a big stick of *facts* when it comes to UFO research. She believes in the strong plausibility of the ET hypothesis but never publicly jumps to the conclusion that ETs are real. She is an exemplar of how journalist *should* approach the subject of UFOs. Her book is a must-read and should be given as a birthday gift to your card-carrying “skeptic” friends and relatives.

Here is the documentary on History based on Leslie Kean’s book.


For those who are new to Ufology, I suggest that you start out with the people I just mentioned. They will guide you and teach you how to separate the wheat from the chaff in Ufology.

Stay open, critical, skeptical, and sane. You’re welcome.

UPDATE (04/04/2012):

Got this response from Leslie Kean on Facebook.

Thanks CChaos! I appreciate it even if you are calling me a “ufologist.”… If you look at my bio, you can see I am a trained journalist. I originally got into this as a journalist, and that has been the field from which I’ve reported and investigated the subject. The word “ufology” does not relate to what I do.

So from now on I will refrain from calling Leslie a “ufologist.” But she still kicks ass in my book.

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