#OccupyWallStreet: Four-Point+ Plan to Save America



Those who are subscribed to my blog, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook feeds are probably getting tired of my politically-charged status updates. Maybe some of you have already unsubscribed, blocked, or unfriended me because you didn’t like my tone or you just don’t agree with my political views. I have no problem with that. We’re all free to express our political views and distance ourselves from whoever we don’t agree with. But there’s an inherent danger with the “I’ll block you and unfriend you just because I don’t agree with your political views” attitude. I don’t have to spell it out. I trust that people who are reading this are intelligent enough to understand the risk of echo chambers and drowning in our own narcissistic cognitive biases.

That said, I’d like everyone to know that I’m not really a very political person. Honest. In fact, I grew up despising politics. I came from a country (Philippines) where corruption in politics, government offices, religious institutions, and business establishments are, for lack of a better description, *in-your-face*. One of the reasons I moved to the U.S. is because of my despair with the politics in my country of birth. Back then I understood that corruption is everywhere, but at least in the U.S. I can “tune it out” and just focus on the “American Dream” and my own personal development.

To a certain extent I have accomplished that “American Dream.” In spite of the recession/depression that the U.S. is in right now, I feel blessed, lucky, and thankful that me and my wife have good-paying jobs, have never defaulted on our mortgage payments, have never left any balance on our credit cards, have a good health care coverage, and could provide for our families here and abroad.

As far as my own personal development — I do acknowledge that it’s a constantly fluctuating, sometimes chaotic, sometimes blissful, spiraling dream…

But I was wrong with one thing: “Tuning out” politics is like stuffing my own head up my ass while going about my business. It’s not a pretty sight. But I’m sure you get the picture.

I don’t consider myself as a radical political activist. I pick my political fights rarely and very carefully. But this is one of them. Everything I love about the U.S. is in danger of being taken over by global corporations. This is no conspiracy theory. It is an ongoing fact. Just follow the money. The government is not the problem. The government is a victim like us. It’s not about black and white, or whatever the color of our skin is. It’s not about gender or our sexual orientation. It’s not about Left and Right, or our political affiliations. It’s about the 99% of us who are sick, tired, and pissed off at the rampant worship of Green and Greed by those we’ve put in power and entrusted to protect our collective self-interests.

And that’s why I’m in 100% support of Occupy Wall Street. I believe that this is a historical event unfolding in front of our eyes. It reminds me of the People Power we had in the Philippines during the pre-internet era. We Filipinos have demonstrated to the world that a non-violent protest, upon reaching critical mass, could change a country virtually overnight. The mainstream corporate media may ignore and deride it, but let them do it at their own peril. I’ve chosen to align myself with real journalists, like Glenn Greenwald, who understand the issue and tell it like it is, with compassion and passionate flare.

I may not march down in the middle of Wall Street but I’m doing my protesting with what I do best: making my voice heard online and supporting and spreading the cause as much as I can. I think that I can express myself better this way and reach more people.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has already issued an official list of demands. I’d like to add the following catchy slogans to the list. They’re short, sweet, direct to the point, and will fit on any protest banner. Thanks to Norman Goldman for putting it very succinctly.


1. Tax the rich also
2. Get rid of Corporate Welfare
3. Downsize the Global War Machine
4. Bring the jobs home

Bonus point: 5. Get rid of Citizens United and the corruption in our politics

(via Norman Goldman)

And for those who still don’t understand the essence of what Occupy Wall Street is protesting about, I suggest you watch this video by Lawrence Lessig.


Here’s to Occupy Wall Street reaching critical mass.

Now excuse me while i take some deep breaths and focus on the other “thing” that really matters: direct perception of the impermanence of it all

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