#fuckyouwashington For Stirring Up the Debt Ceiling Cat

the Debt Ceiling Cat is watching

Like most people who have been following this political circus over the pseudo-crisis that is the debt ceiling negotiations, I too am utterly pissed. So pissed that I even joined the #fuckyouwashington uprising on Twitter.

Those who are following my Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus (hyper)stream are probably pissed off at me too for being overly political in the last few days. Sorry, but I just can’t help it. Any sane person who is aware of this issue has to be either a Vulcan or suffering from an extreme case of apathy not to get angered by the boneheads in Washington. But for the level-headed few, here are some facts to chew on:

Fact-checking Boehner and Obama on debt duel

Fiscal FactCheck – Does Washington have a spending problem or an income problem?

I don’t know whether to cry, bang my head against the wall, or just pack up my bags and watch Jersey Shore after I watched Pres. Obama and Rep. John Boehner’s speech last night. Where is the outrage Mr. President? And as usual, Boehner is a liar. 

Whether we end up defaulting or not, this kind of thing will happen over and over until we break away from the dominant two-party system in the U.S. We need a Third Party of the Sane Majority to break the deadlock of these two competing ideologies. We have to show these a**holes that enough is enough. They are making a mockery out this great country. It’s high time that we kick their collective asses and leverage the voice of the sane and thinking majority. I think that a Third Party is the most viable immediate pragmatic solution short of a revolution. If you think this idea is far-fetched, think again. The majority of Americans are already on board with this idea. See:

“Thomas Friedman: Make Way for the Radical Center”

“Americans dislike two-party system”

“Americans Elect”

Speaking of Americans Elect and a possible Third Party of the Sane Majority, I’d really like to throw in the following names to the 2012 Presidential race: Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, and Elizabeth Warren. For instance, here’s Bernie Sanders, kicking President Obama’s ass. Too bad he said that he’s not interested in running for President.


The debt ceiling cat is watching you Mr. President. You just missed your place in history as a great leader. From what I’ve seen so far, you are not *leading*, you are *pleading*.

When all is said and done, the root of the problem is bigger than the politics in the U.S. This is a global phenomenon. I don’t have enough cuss words in my vocabulary to express my frustration, so I’ll just leave it to this Irish guy to tell it like it is.


That is all. Thanks for your attention. This has been a good therapy session.

P.S. The RepubliCONs are truly beyond disgraceful but I’m just about done with President Obama as well. But do I regret voting for him? Hell, no! I don’t really think that McCain/Palin was a viable option. However, I think this debt ceiling pseudo-crisis manufactured by the RepubliCONS will not happen if McCain/Palin are in the White House. But do you really want to entertain that idea? I rest my case.

P.P.S. This political rant would be very partial if I don’t go to the fringes of cognitive dissonance. And from the fringes, even my approval for a Third Party of the Sane Majority seems to be just another fantasy.

Marrs finds it noteworthy that both Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were assassinated while attempting to get around the international bankers, “Lincoln by issuing his own money, greenbacks, and Kennedy in bypassing the Fed with US notes in 1963.”

He touched on why third parties in US politics are useful only to whichever of the two major parties don’t share the vote with them. Third parties never win, they just assure that whichever major candidate is closest to them in ideology will lose when they split the vote and leave the other candidate with the most votes of any of the three candidates — though not necessarily a majority….

…without campaign finance reform and instant runoff voting put in place, third parties will never serve as anything more than foils to one of the major candidates on the ballot. Thus, we’re stuck with choosing between kettles and pots in every election, and the kettles and pots are forged in the same fires of special interest funding.

Trillion-Dolloar Conspiracy a review by Jason Kelley

Ah, well. I’ll just go back to sitting and doing nothing….

UPDATE: 08/02/2011: Finally, the debt ceiling pseudo-crisis is a done deal. The *fix* is in. The dog and pony show is over, folks. We can now all go back to our wretched existence.

Btw, screw both of these parties and their special interests groups and corporate overlords. The real losers in this deal are us middle-class and the poor. But before I finally put this stupid issue behind on this blog, here are some parting links:

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The kabuki play on Capitol Hill – The real deficit in Washington is one of political morality and honesty. by Danny Schechter

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And of course, good ‘ole Keith.

Keith’s Special Comment: The Four Great Hypocrisies of the Debt Deal

That is all.

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