2,761 posts = Seven Years in the Rabbit Hole

@ Enatai Beach Park

This blog turned 7 years old today. I haven’t posted in a while, 4 months to be exact. It’s because I now spend more time with my baby, Francis Raven. But I think it’s mainly because I don’t feel like I have something to new, or interesting, or useful to say anyway.

However, the (hyper)streaming continues. For now I’d rather send snippets of thoughts and links via Twitter than compose long blog posts. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be retiring this blog. It’s just currently in hiatus. I plan on posting again soon, as soon my blogging mojo is re-awakened. Expect to see more posts on “open practice” and reflections on parenting.

In the meantime, I’d like to thank you for keeping me company all these years. May you be happy, safe, healthy, and may you live with ease.

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